NewGov - New Modes of Governance Project

NewGov is the Integrated Project on New Modes of Governance, co-ordinated by the European University Institute and its Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. The pan-European Project is funded by the European Union under the Sixth Framework Programme from 2004 up to 2008. Its aim is to examine the transformation of governance in and beyond Europe by mapping, evaluating and analysing the emergence, execution, and evolution of 'New Modes of Governance'. NEWGOV includes 24 projects and 2 transversal task forces and has more than 50 participating researchers from some 35 institutions in western and eastern Europe.


Cluster One

The Jean Monnet Chair acts as coordinator of 4 projects within the first Cluster of NewGov, titled 'Emergence, Evolution and Evaluation'.This cluster focuses on the analytic questions of 'Emergence and Evolution', by comparing the emergence and evolution of governing modes across policy fields with the aim of developing a differentiated genealogy. In the realm of this work, Cologne is developing a database on governing modes. The CODE database provides an opportunity for undertaking empirical research on governing modes in the European Union. In a first version the retrieval of data on the legal output and on different categories if legal acts will be made available, so that a systematic investigation on the legal profile and the use of certain instruments in a number of EU policy areas may be conducted.